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   This photo is a great example of how we photograph all of our events. Typical hockey league photography is generally dark in the background. Even though it is a wide open space we use a background light just as if we were photographing a head and shoulders portrait. Backgrounds are what adds to a final image of a player. In this image we have a three light set up and NO ON CAMERA FLASH.  We use lighting to enhance the subject and produce results that your typical amatuer photographer or parent are unable to achieve. 

   Mom called us and wanted to order more photos of her son. Her son also played in another league and had photos done. Neither her son or herself liked what they had received and were not going to hand any out to their family (The reason why we received an additional order).

   Thank you Auburn Ice Hawks for hiring us this season. We look forward to many more years photographing your league.

     Would you like something special for your team. Is it that you would like your athletes to have something special to reflect on an achievement such as a championship game / season. When Moravia Boys Varsity Basketball won the NYS Class C State Championship,  I presented an idea about creating something unique for the kids and the team. You can see what we created for the team on our home page. The school bought several of the team composites (10x30's) as gifts to business in the village of Moravia for their support during the season. The kids really get into this type of photography, it is different and unique.

     There are several designs of this nature that we can customize to use as banners and large print displays wether it be for outdoor applications or indoors.  At TH Photography we are the experts at printing with the capability of handling all printed displays in-house. 

Group photography doesn't need to be your typical lined up pose. We are willing to try something different for your athletic group photo. In this photo we went to a nearby creek bed per the request of the coach. Give us your ideas and we'll make things happen.

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