Green Screen for School Portraits

Green screen is the way that our studio photographs undergrad portraits. The way it works is we photograph all the portraits on a green background. The green is replaced later with the digital background file during our editing process. Now there are times where students wear green outfits and in that case we switch over to a blue screen background and do the same replacement. We've come across students that have outfits with both green and blue in them, we are able to easily do some knockout work on the shirt to retain all the colors. So no matter what comes at us as far as clothing we are able to handle with ease.

Some benefits of green screen include: 1) frizzy and messy hair around the edges gets automatically removed. 2) The backgrounds that we add later are always consistent, they will look the same every time ordered and 3) our customers have an awesome assortment of background options available to them.

Also we are able to add custom backgrounds for any school district. In the case of the image below the background was a blanket that we photographed. There are endless opportunities as far as creating backgrounds.

There is a bunch of backgrounds that I have created from my own photography. This background is called "Walking Path" and was photographed up in Newcomb New York in the Adirondacks. This has been a very popular background year after year.

The image on the left we call "Red Stars" a friend of mine photographed the background at the state capital building in Austin Texas. This is the top of the building - we also have one we called "Blue Stars." The image on the right is Called "Blue Ice" I actually photographed this image with my cell phone, its a closeup of the ice sculpture from the New York State Fair a couple years ago. I'm always looking to add to our collection of backgrounds so you may see a couple more from my personnel photography collection for the 2019-2020 school year.

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