School Portraits at our Studio for Distant Learning Students

Open for all school districts

Are your kids learning from home this year and you are not sure about how or where to have your kids school portrait done? We have one date available that you can book and have them done right at our studio. Other dates can come available if this date books in full.

Here are the details

Date: Saturday October 31st from 10:30am to 3:00 pm by appointment - click on the signup button below.

Where: Our studio at 8915 North Seneca Street, Weedsport NY 13166 - Very close to the main light in town.

Sessions: Each session is 5 minutes each, so show up on time.

Poses taken: We will take 4 to five different poses that you can order from

Backgrounds available: There will be over 20 available backgrounds to choose from, portraits are taken on green screen so we can add any of what we have available. All background choices will be available online when you make your package choice decision.

Order at your convenience at your home online, packages delivered right to your mailing address.

Digital Files - Prices range from $10.00 to $25.00 depending on what size packages you buy. If you need a digital file for your school - it will be your responsibility to purchase a digital file and deliver to your school, (assuming your school will take your file for submission).

Packages Available

Package One

2 - 8x10's , 4 - 5x7's, 4 - 3x5's and 24 die cut wallets


Package Two

1 - 8x10's , 2 - 5x7's, 4 - 3x5's and 24 die cut wallets


Package Three

1 - 8x10's , 2 - 5x7's, and 16 die cut wallets


Package Four

2 - 5x7's, 2 - 3x5's and 16 die cut wallets


Package Five

2 - 5x7's, 4 - 3x5's and 8 die cut wallets


Package Six

2 - 5x7's and 8 die cut wallets


Package Seven

4 - 3x5's and 8 die cut wallets


Check out our signup schedule and click on the button below

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