Frequently asked questions: School Photography

How long before we receive our school pictures

Generally three weeks from the time that they are taken

What is the best outfits to wear for our childs portrait?

Generally midtone to darker colors. Try to stay away from white and especially flurescent colored shirts (Oranges and Yellow flourescent shirts) they tend to reflect the color into the face. Also note that we are photographing onto a green screen, if you can wear a differnt color other than green that would be helpful. If you love green we have our tricks to make those work.

What background should we pick?

It is best to go with your favorite. If you are not sure, generally try to pick a background color that matches the outfit, (blue out fit, choose a background with a blue color).

What if we don't like the way our package came out?

We have a retake day - for any reason you can have your portrait retaken and get a replacement package. Make sure to return your original package on retake day.

How do we take advantage of the family discount?

Fill out our on-line family discount form. On your order envelopes write family discount on the bottom of each childs form. Full price for the first child, 25% off for the second and 50% off for any remaining children. We are not able to offer the discount with online preorders, must be done with an order envelope.

More than one child - how many order envelopes do we fill out?

Always fill out an order envelope for each child. Everything on the envelope refers to the child being photographed. Same if you prepay, you will need to prepay seperately for each child.

My child wears glasses what about reflections

We try our best to remove reflections. Eye glasses have become quite wide in the past couple of years. The only way to get rid of reflections as we photograph is to raise our main light. With these new wide glasses no matter how high we raise the lights the glass glare doesn't go away. We may try to retouch - but it doesn't always work. Non reflection glasses are the best they are reflection free. If we return your portrait package and it does have glass glare - that is because we are unable to retouch without making it very noticeable.

Sales tax is it included?

Sales tax is included if you turn in an envelope on picture day that the school provided. It is not included with any of our on-line ordering.

Do you have more backgrounds than displayed on the order form

Yes - when you go to our home page and scroll down to the undergrad section there is a button "Prepay Online School Photos" the rest can be seen when you enter the web site. The easy way to choose another background is to order your package online. If though you still want to pay by check choose the style of background desired and write it on the order form.